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My standard fee for a complete wedding ceremony is $275. 

Some things I will need to know before I can confirm the price for your ceremony:

  • Exact Wedding Location

  • Exact Wedding Date & Time

  • Exact Rehearsal Date, Time and Location (if a rehearsal is planned)

Once I tell you my fee for your specific ceremony, the fee will not change.  I never charge extras for any change to the ceremony.  Anything you want to do is included.  Your ceremony can be as long or as short as you like.  I do not charge extra for things like Unity Candles or Sand Rituals.  I will gladly spend as much time with you as you like - whatever it takes to plan your perfect wedding. 

I do charge $75 for rehearsals.  In my opinion, officiants who do not charge for rehearsals are really charging you for a rehearsal even if you choose not to have one.  I would rather keep my fee as low as possible.

I do require a deposit of $50 to reserve your wedding day.  The deposit is typically not refundable if you change your wedding plans.  I will definitely try to accommodate changes in your wedding date if possible.

There are some things that would require me to charge a higher fee:

  • Extended Travel - Weddings beyond Denver or Cheyenne may require me to charge extra for my travel costs

  • Overnight Stays - I can travel and stay overnight if needed to perform your ceremony, but my fee will be adjusted accordingly, and overnight stays must be planned well in advance

  • Special Requests such as Specific Wardrobe Requirements (I will gladly wear a $200 white Stetson hat at your wedding, but if I do not own one, and you do not plan to provide it, I will need to charge extra to cover this cost.)

If you have any questions at all about my fees, please contact me and we can discuss it.  I believe my fees are extremely reasonable.  I am not the lowest priced officiant, but I definitely charge less than most.  I realize every couple getting married is on a budget, and I want to provide you with an extremely personalized and special ceremony without taking advantage of you!  My time is valuable, but so is your wedding.

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